The Worst Year in British Politics
by Ann Treneman

‘Brilliant.’ Matthew Parris

Publishing by Gibson Square at £9.99 HB

What is happening in Parliament is dizzying. It started in September of last year when the government dropped the economic ball with the mother of all financial crashes. That was just for starters. Never before have tax payers got such entertainment value out of their elected representatives in the worst year in British politics since the Millenium (and are footing the bill for it)! Then, for the first time in centuries, we have again a vintage parliamentary year that will go down in history: The Manure Parliament!

In her new book, Annus Horribilis, prize-winning The Times’ political sketch writer Ann Treneman savours this unique year in her widely admired witty and caustic diary style, capturing the Hogarthian display of playground spats, bickering and serious people who can’t resist the opportunity to make a fool of themselves.

In a sharp, observant style, she captures the mannerisms of our key politician and the little phrases they trot out to sooth the electorate. By laughing about them, you’ll learn more about what makes our politicians tick than by reading their manifestos and earnest policy statements written by an army of assistants.

Annus Horribilis gives the reader a unique insight from the only female sketchwriter in Britain into the real goings-on inside the hallowed corridors of Parliament during this past turbulent year. For those who are interested in politics and for those who want a hilarious read, while remembering how ghastly it all was!

Ann Treneman Ann Treneman is sketchwriter for The Times, and the first female sketch writer in Britain. She has won awards for political satire and feature writing, including a prestigious UK Press Gazette Award. She has previously worked as a feature writer for The Times and The Independent and was foreign editor of The Observer.

Morten Morland drew the cover cartoon. He received the 15th Cartoon Art Trust Award in 2009 as political cartoonist of the year.

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