Gibson Square publishing was launched in 2001 and specialises in titles connected to current interests. Each title is supported by a tailored marketing campaign. 

We are the publisher of Blowing up Russia by Alexander Litvinenko, the former Russian spy poisoned with Polonium 210 in London. The book investigates the corrupt 1999 apartment bombings in Moscow that launched the political career of Vladimir Putin, the man who had been Litvinenko's commanding officer. In 2016, the UK government's Litvinenko Inquiry by Sir Robert Owen found that President Putin had 'probably' ordered the assassination. Rights to this title were sold to over 16 countries.

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Submitting book proposals:

Please include a proposal of describing the book in one or two pages, a chapter break-down with a description of 50 - 100 words of each chapter, your curriculum vitae (as a writer or professionally if this is relevant to the proposal), your (personal) reason for wanting to write and publish the book, as well as a comprehensive list of suggested publications and people you know might be interested in taking note of what you are writing. Please also include either the whole book or the first few chapters as well as scans of photographs (where appropriate).

Every proposal will be considered carefully if they follow the guidelines below. Due to the high volume of submissions, however, we can only respond to book proposals we think might suit our publishing programme. 

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A.C. Grayling
A.N. Wilson
Alan Duncan
Adrian Laing
Alan Greenspan
Alan Pearce
Alexander Litvinenko
Aly Sujo
Amartya Sen
Andrew Eburne
Angela Neustatter
Angus Roxburgh
Ann Treneman
Anthony Adolph
Arthur Schopenhauer
Baron Corvo
Bernard-Henri Lévy
Bobby Friedman
Brian Sewell
Bryan Mealer
Candace Allen
Carla McKay
Charles Darwin
Christopher Mason
Clare Short
Clarissa Dickson-Wright
Conrad Black
Craig Unger
Crispin Black
David Craig
David Bermingham
David Nasaw
Deborah Devonshire
Diana Mosley
Dominick Dunne
Duncan Fallowell
Eamonn Butler
Elinor Burkett
Emma Tennant
Ernst Gombrich
Ernst Hanfstaengl
Fergus Fleming
Fridtjof Nansen
Geoffrey Beattie
George Englund
George Leigh Mallory
George Walden
Goldman Family
Harold Acton
Harold Chee
Helena Frith Powell
Henry James
Hugo Williams
Ian Mucklejohn
Ingeborg van Lotringen
Jasper Gerard
Jean-Francois Champollion
Johan Stenebo
John Ashton
John McCain
John Hale
John Pring
Jonathan Freedland
Joyce Tyldesley
Kaylene Johnson
Kenneth Murphy
Kevin Ruane
Laney Salisbury
Malcolm Gluck
Marcus Mabry
Mark Kurlansky
Martin Rynja
Melanie Phillips
Naomi Klein
Niall Ferguson
O.J. Simpson
Owen Wilson
Pablo Fenjves
Peter Clayton
Peter Gillman
Peter Jones
Peter Mandelson
Phil Norman
Richard Branson
Richard Dawkins
Richard Halvorsen
Richard J. Evans
Richard Michaelis
Sam Taylor
Sarah Walden
Selina Hastings
Simon Young
Stephen Bayley
Stewart Lansley
Stuart Rose
Subi Rangan
Susan Watkins
Tony Jackson
Theodore Dalrymple
Vandana Shiva
Vincent Cable
W.H. Auden
Walter Laqueur
Walter Scott
Yuri Felshtinsky